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Vegetables & Fruits

A week ago while I was sick, laying around being miserable I stumbled upon this film:

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

To summarize this 1.5 hour movie, it’s about eating healthier and the consequences of doing so.

This is a documentary don’t get me wrong but I found it kept my attention the majority of the time which is often not the case.


If you’re looking to become healthier, lose weight, or just try something new.   This is the film for you!

Without giving it all away, if you’re looking for a diet that works, you’ve come to the right documentary. ^_^

People complain about how expensive food is and then in turn eat McDonalds and other cheap(er) processed foods in order to “save money”.

The average cost of a heart attack often times can be around 50K+…..


What is your health worth to you?

Patents on food… and life.

Today I’d like to feature a documentary on food.   Yes, food.  I’ll admit I found it a bit “dry” but the insight you’re have after viewing it is worth it.

Corporations can be a good thing or a bad thing…..  I suggest you do some research on a company before you invest in them, etc.

The Future of Food -Hosted on Hulu

Check it out & tell us what you think.



KFC has come out with a sandwich dubbed “the double down” which consists of two chicken breasts with cheese and bacon in the middle.   Apparently having a bun is overrated.

Having been a past KFC employee, I was allured into trying the sandwich even though my common sense and stomach screamed no.   The verdict?   I would have to say it’s a pretty yummy mess.  While any health conscious person would be wise to steer clear, I’d recommend the average American to at least try it sometime just for fun.

Snack List

Mark’s Master List of Snack Goodness:

Chex – I love plain chex, chex mix, and the bars they make too


Jerky – Pepper, original, etc.      Jack Links

Licorice – Red Vines Info Twizzlers

Cheezit Crackers


Ritz Crackers

Internet stopped working…. ……….. ……………………………..

Oh, there we go, it’s working again.   I swear, if this browser crashes before I post….

French bread – Tips on making it

peanut butter and jelly sandwich – Nutrition Info —  how to make it, for morons.

Gold Fish

Nerds Candies


Kettle Chips

Clif Bars

Photos may come in a later post :)

This is my no means a complete list ^ ^

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